I offer various private healing sessions and vocal coaching sessions.  I have over 14 years experience as a healer and have travelled the world learning from healers that I consider to be masters in their field such as Leonard Orr the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork.


“Get your voice out” Voice Coaching (1hr Session over Skype)

You have an amazing voice! Chances are though, like many other people you are not using your voice to it’s full potential.  Maybe as a kid you were told to “shut up” when you were singing, or told “Don’t give up your day job” or something similar.  Perhaps you loved singing as a kid and some event stopped you. Whatever it was, you can overcome it and reclaim your true voice.

I love helping people like you get over the blocks that are causing you to hold your voice back.  Whether it is for singing or for just speaking up more, we will work to identify and remove the blocks that are stopping you from using your voice to it’s full potential.

What we will do in the session:

  • Discover what is blocking you from using your voice to it’s full potential.
  • Release those blocks so that your voice can come out with power and confidence.
  • Vocal toning through the chakras to clear energy and build vocal strength
  • I will also teach you a secret to improving the voice quickly that no mainstream singing teacher will ever tell you.

Email me at info@suntaramusic.com to book a session.

Moving Life Energy

“Moving Life Energy” (2hr Session)

This session is for people who really want to change and transform their lives.  I use a combination of Rebirthing Breathwork, Sound Healing and Polarity Therapy (Energetic Healing).  This process clears a huge amount of energy.

“In my experience of Moving Life Energy sessions with Daniel, I have physically cleared stuck energy, emotionally let go of so many of my neuroses and found a true sense of connectedness and peace within. I feel clear minded, little to no anxiety and truly shifted into a state of consciousness, peace and happiness.” ~ Karina, Yoga Teacher, Sydney.

Investment: $250 – Call Daniel on 0425425390 or email on info@suntaramusic.com to book.


Private Sound and Energetic Healing (1hr session)

With a one on one Sound Healing Session I take you on a deep sound journey which is personalised just for you.  We start with a discussion of your intention and what it is you want to clear.  With the intention in place I will bring through a Sound Healing personally channelled for you using Vocal Chanting, Crystal Bowls, Shamanic drums and more.  This session can be done in person or over Skype.

As an additional service your session can be recorded and professionally mixed and mastered so you can experience your personalised Sound Journey over and over again.

Daniel channels the love of the Divine through his beautiful sound healings. Transformational and much needed work for our people & our earth. Thank you Daniel for listening to your hearts calling….” Love Prem Williams .. Sacred Earth Music Australia.

Investment: $150 (additional $150 if you want it recorded mixed and mastered.

Call Daniel on 0425425390 or email on info@suntaramusic.com to book.