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30 11, 2016

Episode 22: “Drum and Crystal Bowl Healing”

Drum and Crystal Bowl Healing. This one has a very strong shamanic drum component.

8 09, 2016

Episode 22: Shamanic Journey “Clear and Connected”

A Shamanic Journey with Sound, “Clear and Connected”. First a clearing with the Shamanic Drum followed by an enchanting journey with Crystal Bowl, Voice, Gasong Drums and Flutes.

30 08, 2016

Episode 21: Chakra Clearing Chant with Crystal Bowl

28 08, 2016

The new music industry

Before the internet, the only ones who could make it as a professional musicians were the ones that got signed to labels and/or toured constantly.  The landscape was such that either you were a superstar and made millions or worked your ass off touring.

Those days are gone and thank god they are.  Currently I am doing an amazing training called the “Online Musician Course”.  The course is by Leah McHenry who….get this … is a stay at home mother of 5 children all under the age of 10. On top of that she homeschools them.  Despite this […]

24 01, 2016

the Power of Sound Healing

The Power of Sound Healing

Sound has been used for millennia for healing and to create a space of peace and well being. I say a “space” because it can transform the space between the ears to calm, it can also transform a space full of people to calm. It can also have the opposite effect. Even the staunchest sceptic has to admit that sound has an effect and that effect can be profoundly healing.

The Australian aboriginals use Sound for ceremony, healing, to tell stories and in their everyday lives. It is woven through everything. This could be said for many […]

27 03, 2015

Arthritis and acidic foods – an interesting conversation

Yesterday I was having a swim down at Clovelly beach in Sydney, near where I live. A gentleman in his 70s struck up a conversation with me.  He was a very friendly chap and after a few minutes of conversation he started telling me about his terrible arthritis.  I listened for a while and asked him if he took anything for his Arthritis.  He went on to list about 10 prescription medicines and supplements that he was taking. With a long face he told me that none of it worked.  “Have you tried OPC3” I asked? I know that […]

8 12, 2014

Episode 20 – Mosman Art Gallery Again

It was once a dream of mine to Sound at the amazing Mosman Art Gallery. Luke and I were so blessed to be able to Sound at the Mosman Art Gallery for the third time in November at the Academy of Light.  Here is the recording of the powerful Sound Healing that came through that night in a beautiful space with beautiful people.

11 11, 2014

Episode 19 – Mosman Art Gallery

It was always a dream of mine to do a Sound Healing in the amazing Mosman Art Gallery space.  This podcast is a recording of the Sound Healing we did there in August.

2 09, 2014

How I healed my lower back

Since 2010 I have had lower back pain on and off.  In 2010 it got quite bad and one day I couldn’t get up.  Thankfully it was only one day! I went to a Chiropractor and he took an XRAY and told me I would need 8 sessions with him.  I thought “I bet a Polarity Therapist can fix it in one session!” So I called my friends Chris McGrath and Robbie Hand organised a session.  After one session with Chris and Robbie my back was 100% better.

My back was good for a few years then in late 2013 […]

28 08, 2014

Keeping my music dream alive

About 18 months ago I was faced with a tough situation.  I was following my dreams with music, but as a husband and father, I was struggling to pay the bills.  In December 2013 it reached a critical point, I didn’t have money for food that week.  So I took my guitar to Bondi Junction mall and busked.  I made just enough to get the essentials, but I felt like crap.  I was busking under pressure to make money and that is not a good thing.  In fact most of the music work I was doing I was doing under […]

4 07, 2014

Episode 18 – Glebe Cafe Church

This months Podcast episode is of the 40 minute Sound Healing we did as part of the “Get Your Voice Out” workshop at the beautiful Glebe Cafe Church space recently.

9 04, 2014

The difference between a chemtrail and a contrail

Now for something non-music related but important. I just happened to look up in the sky this morning and say the Chemtrail sprayer with a conventional aircraft not far behind showing the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail in the same photo. Interesting isn’t it?

chemtrail vs contrail

8 04, 2014

Episode 17 – Full length sound healing with tibetan deep voice

This months podcast is a full length Sound Healing recorded at the Yoga Shed in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Listen out for the Tibetan Deep Voice that came through for the first time.

3 02, 2014

Episode 16 – Live Sound Healing from Yogashed

Live Sound Healing from the Yoga studio “the Yoga Shed” in the Hunter Valley.  Daniel Coates on vocals, crystal bowls and Gasongs, Joshua tree on Yidaki and percussion. We hope you enjoy it.

29 01, 2014

Episode 15 – Live Sound Healing from Liv for Well Being

Powerful energies on this one, live Sound Healing from the Yoga studio “Liv for well-being” in the Hunter Valley.  Daniel Coates on vocals, crystal bowls and Gasongs, Joshua tree on Yidaki and percussion. We hope you enjoy it.

1 12, 2013

Episode 14 – Three Waterfalls

On this weeks Sound Healing Podcast I have the track “Three Waterfalls” from my new Sound Healing album “Sound Medicine”.  I hope you enjoy the track.

11 10, 2013

The most successful people are the ones that have the most fun.

I had a major epiphany this week. It has been told to me many times, probably most notably by the book “the alchemist” that it is not the destination that is important it is the journey.

Many teachers tell us to set goals and that they must have deadlines. I now disagree, and am grateful again to Kevin Trudeau for teaching me this. I have realised that the people who achieved the greatest success in the world aren’t the ones that strive for deadlines, they are the ones who have the […]

2 10, 2013

Episode 13 – Yoga and Beyond

On the Sound Healing Podcast today we have a full length Sound Healing from “Yoga and Beyond” in Western Sydney.  The energy out at Yoga and Beyond is always amazing and this was a particularly enjoyable session for us. We hope you enjoy it too!

25 09, 2013

Lessons from the Beatles and Bamboo trees.


Back in the 60s when the Beatles rose to fame it was one of the fastest rises to fame in history.  They went from virtually unknown one day to a household name the next.  Within weeks they were famous all around the world.  The Beatles were asked questions like “How does it feel to be an overnight success?” to which they replied words to the effect of “Are you kidding me? we played hundreds if not a thousand gigs over the last 3 years in pubs and clubs, sometimes almost empty […]

4 09, 2013

the 10 second miracle

“The 10 second miracle” as described by one of my greatest teachers Kevin Trudeau, is defined as “the moment when you take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life. I mean everything. All of the good stuff, all of the bad stuff, all of the stuff you want to blame on your parents or an ex lover. Everything, Everything, Everything. When you take 100% responsibility for everything that happens, you are 100% empowered.

I wrote a Song about this concept a while ago called “Break my Heart”:

2 09, 2013

Episode 12 Full length Sound Healing at Younga Yoga

On the Sound Healing Podcast this week is a full length Sound Healing group meditation that we did at Younga Yoga Studio back on August 4th 2013. Younga Yoga Studio Youngs Yoga Studio has amazing acoustics, it sounds like a cathedral, so this recording came out wonderfully well. We hope you enjoy it.

29 08, 2013

Om Namaste

On August 4th Suntara did a Sound Healing Journey at Younga Yoga Studio in Wollongong. Younga Yoga Studio is in a old Girl Guides hall and the acoustics there are amazing, it sounds like a cathedral. This song “Om Namaste” was channelled on the night:

26 08, 2013

It’s all the same.

There are so many healing modalities these days from the “conventional” methods of western medicine to accepted “alternative” methods such as massage to lesser known more “controversial” methods such as rebirthing, sound healing and the like.  I tend to like the more controversial methods because I believe that in general, the more controversial something is, the more effective it usually is.  But that is just me.

I read an amazing quote from Napoleon Hill in “the Law of Success in 16 Lessons” the other day that made me realise that whether a form […]

23 08, 2013

Sleeping Shamen Wake Up!

I was just going through some old videos and I found this, Sleeping Shamen played in it’s original form with just African drums. This song arrived in a stone igloo in Argentina (it’s a long story).

21 08, 2013

To find the love of your life, you just have to be ready.

On April 2nd, 2006 I was sitting in my flat in London, looking outside at the rain and feeling a bit lonely. I was single and yearning to meet the love of my life.

I took out my notebook and wrote at the top of a page “the woman I am attracting” I then proceeded to write down about 30 qualities that I wanted in a woman. (Just 30!). At the bottom I wrote “I am ready for this woman and she is ready for me and I will meet her in June 2006” I signed it.

In June […]